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Naksha Kasal


Primarily driven by a passion for sustainable solutions and environmental health, Naksha is currently working as a Molecular Microbiologist in quality control at KitePharma EU BV. With a Master's degree from Radboud University, her career journey reflects a commitment to green alternatives and microbiological research such as biologicals and wastewater treatment strategies. Now, she embarks on a journey in pharmaceuticals, obtaining well-rounded experiences that extend to industry. Outside the lab, Naksha has been an integral member of Effective Altruism (EA), where she learned various ways to transcend the constraints of science communication. She has actively engaged people in meaningful outcomes in fields like environmental conservation and sustainability, realizing the potential for science communication to challenge entrenched notions and ideologies, reshaping the direction of scientific progress. Additionally, she has been an active volunteer in teaching biology to high school students back in India. She particularly enjoys teaching, writing and science communication, skills that she developed as a student assistant at university. After-hours, you will definitely find her at the gym, indulging in anime/dramas or reading a book in her little nook.

Naksha Kasal


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